As a few of you have noticed, I have decided to take a break from blogging. The effort I was putting into it was not paying off and I didn’t seem to get much feedback from it. I’m not taking a forever break, but a break for now until I decide it is worth my time.

Until then, please feel free to find me in other ways!


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How long is a newlywed a newlywed?

Last weekend my husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s already been a year, and has gone by so incredibly fast. This weekend we were at a clogging in workshop in Indiana and a woman came up and asked me how it was being a newlywed. Then I questioned myself, what is considered a newlywed? So I asked the woman what she considers a newlywed and she said being married for 2 years. So I responded accordingly. I was thrown off by the fact that she said two years is what she considers a newlywed as most people say it’s only for one year. All in all, it doesn’t matter how long you’re considered a newlywed. But, I want to hear your thoughts, how long do you consider someone to be a newlywed?

Fall Happs

Well, happy fall y’all! How has everyone been enjoying their October so far? So far this month we have made the annual trip out to Tanners Orchard, had a clogging show in the cold wind, and attended the St Mary’s Sausage Dinner. Up for this weekend is a bonfire, and celebrating our first wedding anniversary on Sunday! Also The Walking Dead Season 5 starts on Sunday as well! My cousin who has her own photography business, Sarah Hamilton Photography, will be taking our pictures on Saturday at my grandparents farm, kind of like anniversary pictures. I can’t believe we’re already celebrating our first wedding anniversary. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we were preparing for that wedding day. It has been quite the wonderful and easy year of marriage and I look forward too much, much more in the future! Enjoy this fall weather while you can!

Couple Habits

Happy Saturday!  I’m sitting here in my living room listening to the storm roll in! There is no rain at this second, but it is on its way. I do hear thunder in the distance though. It’s been a bit of a lazy Saturday here at the house. While my husband went to work I didn’t move much off of the couch! Now that he is home, we are getting ready to go grocery shopping… Of course as it’s starting to storm. Some people think I am weird for grocery shopping with my husband, but it is something we have always done. I have a few other friends that also do this with their significant others, because they’ve always done that too. I feel it’s a responsibility we both share for our home. Others may see that differently, and that’s fine but for us we grocery shop together! Another thing we do that not every couple does, is we always go to bed at the same time every night. Sure there are times where I zonk out and he isn’t quite there yet. But typically then he will read a book or watch a movie on his phone, so he is still in bed with me. But most of the time we lay down together every night. What do you & your significant other do that might be considered different?

App Friendly

As I went to type an entry today, my work computer would not work with this WordPress site. Wah! However,  I thought to myself,  I wonder if there is an app.  And looky there!  Here we go!  I am hoping having a blog accessible on my phone will make blogging even easier to do. What are your favorite apps to make your life easier? I love my calendar on my phone, as well as the Walgreens app to refill my prescriptions, a period tracker, &  a new favorite is the Walmart savings catcher! It really works! My first time I got back $3.25! What works for you? 

Catching up & Keeping up

Morning all! Please accept my apology as I haven’t updated in a month or so, apparently life happens, blog or not. So as I sit here, a million things running through my head, I blog to you all. I’m thinking about things like: this headache is killing me, I need a nap, these pants are too short, money (or lack there of), I need to lose weight, and so much more. Oh well, at least I’m not hungry! Oh wait, is that a cupcake?! …Just kidding. 🙂 I am desperately looking forward to this 3 day weekend coming up. Friday night I will be meeting with a lovely bride I’m working with at her reception venue to go over some details. Saturday, I have lunch plans with a grade school friend, Ashley and her husband, Ben! I haven’t seen Ashley & Ben since our wedding last October and since then they have a bun in the oven! I’m looking forward to seeing them and catching up with them!

Weekend happenings

No weekend plans? I’ve got a few ideas for you. This Friday & Saturday from 3-11pm is Peoria Height’s Tower Park Music Festival. From 3-11 they have bands playing. This is a free event, so bring the whole gang. There is food, drinks, & fun! Another free festival this weekend, is the Decatur celebration. It is Friday, Saturday, & Sunday in downtown Decatur. After clogging there for many years, I know this festival is huge! There is so much food, entertainment, and fun for the whole family! Enjoy this cool summer weather!